The $71.1 billion spent on linear TV ads annually indicates yes, TV works.

Media fragmentation has led to a lot of buzz in the industry about “the death of television.” But in reality, linear TV is still the best way to reach people—by far. Consider stats like these:

  • 116.4 million households in the U.S. regularly tune in. That’s 92.5% of the nation’s population.
  • The average American watches at least three hours of linear TV every day.

With all the scary statistics and hyperbolic trade-media headlines, it’s easy to lose sight of a simple, vital fact: from the consumers’ point of view, it’s all just video. There have been changes in when they watch it, the devices they use to access it, and the providers they get it from. But whether they view it on a smartphone or a 72-inch plasma screen, it’s still just video. Our job is to stay in front of them in the most efficient and relevant way possible.

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