Hispanic marketing: language is not enough

The Hispanic consumer becomes more important to U.S. businesses with each passing day. There are 22 Spanish-speaking countries or territories, each with their regional differences, and we believe cultural intelligence is the driving success factor of Hispanic planning. Our Hispanic strategy team stays at the forefront of this market’s ever-evolving audience segments, behaviors and cultural nuances.

Strong network relationships

Our team has long-standing relationships with Spanish Networks and Spanish Television Distributors, resulting in:

  • Quarterly and yearly commitments
  • Holiday and seasonal discounts that work on different calendars than general market
  • New integration opportunities, fire sales and bonus

Spanish-language DRTV pioneers

Our experience as Spanish DRTV pioneers and influencers has led to some advantages for our clients. Mercury introduced the concept of mid-form to Spanish media networks and we negotiate new formats and unit lengths for bonus weight. We are the leading buyers in long form media efficiency and volume, giving us the most flexibility with unit lengths in the industry.

Support beyond

  • Develop and produce original and culturally relevant Spanish-language creative for TV and all other supporting elements—including call center scripts, website and landing pages, and digital assets.
  • Advise in the selection of and manage Spanish-language call centers
  • Audit general market plans to help identify shared learning or crossover that may improve Spanish media performance

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