Your most efficient performance media investment is best deployed against prospects with the strongest intent to buy. Our first priority will always be to target these “intenders” and harvest active demand for our clients’ products or services through Search and Retargeting in social and display. While these strategies should be maximized for their unparalleled efficiencies, they will sooner or later hit a point of diminishing return. At this point, demand generation investment is required to create fresh pools of intenders.

Sometimes the next best dollar is spent on precision-targeting audiences who most closely resemble your current customers through social, programmatic display or even addressable TV. Other times the benefits of targeting are outweighed by the costs and, in those situations, national cable buys can achieve a broader, more efficient reach. For clients with geographic concentrations, the next best dollar spent is sometimes in local radio or even out of home.

These allocation decisions are made through experiential knowledge combined with continuous in-market testing. Structured test plans such as match market tests, or predictive analytics such as media mix models, can be used to guide larger investments.

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