It’s not unusual for a strong new product or service to experience double digit growth month over month through digital marketing acquisition. Companies fortunate enough to be in this position are growing quickly, have small but critical media budgets, and are focusing their investments in carefully selected digital channels.

However, once all the early demand is captured, momentum starts to slow and companies often come to an inflection point.

The fragmentation of media and proliferation of devices can make it hard to achieve scale. Agencies and brands can get in their own way with hyper-targeting and narrowcasting, inhibiting growth.

Brands need to keep filling the funnel. We help fuel market penetration and reignite customer acquisition. Finding new pockets of opportunity can be labor-intensive, but our efficient, response-focused digital strategies analyze category entry points and find the next group of buyers.

Sometimes we advise opening up broadcast channels such as TV or radio. When we analyze the most efficient award-winning media campaigns of the last few years, they have two channels in common: TV and digital. By keeping an eye on reach and long-cycle metrics, we are able to keep the focus on scale.

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