Strategy should be in service of scale

Our clients are under enormous pressure to meet aggressive targets, and as their companies grow they need to stay efficient and accountable. It’s not uncommon for them to hit a proverbial wall. We specialize in helping brands crack the code and scale their business. We focus on identifying new opportunities among markets, segments, channels and users.

Campaign goals can range from building awareness of a disruptive new service, to driving more efficient leads for a mature business, but they all require a measurable return on marketing investment. We use the best from both brand and direct response practices to create layered strategies with sophisticated success metrics.

Operate with better insights

Our research tools and team help us understand the customer, brand, industry trends, competitors and media landscape. Using industry analysis and market research, we create competitive marketing strategies across channels that identify untapped potential.

We find where your consumers are looking (and where your competitors are missing) to create a media mix with an efficient return on marketing investment. However, our research and strategy effort extends beyond media placements—we oversee creative, customer experience flow and even fulfillment logistics to help drive conversions.

Analysis leads to opportunity

The proliferation of information and devices continues to lead shifts in consumer behavior. To keep up, we map the customer journey and track the interactions along the way. We use insights from consumer journey analytics to increase conversions. Continuous learning helps us discover any conversion roadblocks and open up new category entry points.

Media Planning looks at the forest and the trees

We believe that performance media planning should balance the broader reach needed for growth with the efficiency needed to ensure customer acquisition. Our job is to show brands where they can spend their next best dollar.

Looking at multiple performance views within channels is imperative. On DRTV this might mean monitoring the response from networks, as well as the overall CPMs and reach for a buy over time. In digital this might mean balancing prospecting and acquisition efforts.

Multiple views require multiple layers of measurement. We take a long and short cycle view of metrics. While we always watch immediate activity from TV airings, this approach to TV is not sufficient to help with planning inputs. Some customers are responsive to upper funnel tactics but are unqualified, so even broadcast media has to be planned with conversion in mind. Understanding the real impact of TV on a business over time helps us plan with an eye toward sustainable growth.

Better Buying

We’ve pioneered an approach to media that finds the opportunities that will drive optimal growth. Our “Better Buying” approach exploits the complexity of the fragmented marketplace with the support of insights from data, intuition from decades of expertise, and incremental value from effort.

Buying Smarter

We use buy-side analytics to find inefficiencies in the market. Portfolio management between markets and propensity modeling help us uncover pockets of value.

Working Harder

We prefer delivering a Super Bowl–sized audience to being in a Super Bowl pod. On TV and digital, small efficiencies, while labor-intensive, ladder up to big savings over the course of the campaign.

Playing Fairly

We’re completely transparent about our rates. Clients see what we paid for media placements and are furnished with affidavits, IOs or any backup they would like to see.

It’s no secret today that digital media has a fraud problem Better Buying. We take our role as “agent” seriously. As client advocates we hold vendors accountable and create our own checks and balances when transparency is an issue.

Relationships still matter in a programmatic world

While analytics is the backbone of our buying practice, in media buying we also strongly believe that relationships matter. When you work in DRTV for 20+ years, you see the same folks over and over again. Our buying teams maintain a constantly evolving database of available individual and packaged airings, but also keep an ear to the ground of the fluctuating TV marketplace. We’ve found integrity is the best way to keep healthy network, publisher, vendor and client relationships.


Mobile, Social, Display, Search, Video


Scatter, Remnant, Programmatic, Addressable, OTT

Analytics guide all marketing strategy and execution

Mercury is revolutionizing how agile, fast-growing companies use real-time data and analytics to maximize return on marketing and media investment.

Reporting provides actionable insights

Our clients come to us with messy, complicated problems that are usually accompanied by messy, complicated data. Before we set up each custom reporting structure, we clean and organize data. We start with tracking enhancements, CRM integration, and data enrichment to make sure we are building on a solid foundation.

We look at different funnel metrics at different times to ensure we are driving long term growth. But we know insights can come from anywhere, so we make sure data is accessible to everyone. Our live dashboards allow all stakeholders to look at every aspect of the buy to identify areas for improvement.

Campaign performance measurement:

Getting attribution, testing and reporting right The ability to properly measure campaign performance at the most granular level is the key to smart resource allocation. By combining the right data with flexible reporting at speed we can create powerful views that allow clients to get the most out of their media dollars.

We don’t simply establish data feeds and let an attribution model run. We take control of the process. First, by identifying the right partners for your budget or developing a homegrown solution that better fits your business needs. Then, we ensure we are recalibrating the model to be more accurate and suit your unique business needs.

  • Custom data connections and secondary data sets
  • In-market testing
  • Automated reporting
  • Ensemble attribution
  • Holistic campaign views

Buy-side analytics

Selecting the right impressions by evaluating all available media.

We apply general market audience evaluation rigor to traditional direct response accountability. To ensure correct investment levels, we construct efficiency curves and determine the point of diminishing returns.
Buying opportunities can be surfaced through:

  • Audience trends
  • Pricing & inventory trends
  • Local market opportunity analysis
  • Predictive efficiency curves

Advanced analytics with business data reveals actionable insights

Advanced analytics projects use client and our proprietary data to surface insights that help uncover areas of opportunity. New areas for improved efficiency or growth can come from a variety of sources including customer analysis, structured tests and predictive models.

For example, customer analysis can help us unlock new markets, find high value customers and increase salience among different segments. While projects are custom to the business needs, some common areas to unlock growth include:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Channel portfolio analytics and mix modeling
  • Creative testing

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